Web Push Notification

This is post will make easy for newbie understand how web push notification work. If you want to learn more and why a below code do you can go here for more infomation. Now, we start... Firstly, for client can be receive a message we have to register a service worker. It's just a .js … Đọc tiếp Web Push Notification


Angular 5 Key note

key note angular for quickly work :))   UI CUSTOM Dialog - Bottom Sheet - create dialog component constructor(privatedialogRef:MatDialogRef<DialogComponent>, @Inject(MAT_DIALOG_DATA) privatedata) { } ngAfterViewInit() {    console.log(this.data); } submit() { // return data to caller dialog    this.dialogRef.close('result close'); } - add entryComponents: [DialogComponent] to app.module as create at runtime; - put code where call dialog: fileNameDialogRef: … Đọc tiếp Angular 5 Key note