Adding Image Target to Cloud Database use API Vuforia and www Unity

Forget my bad English, just focus on what i did. I searched for a huge posts on the Internet, but “Add image target to cloud of Vuforia” topics are a little bit, and all of them support for native java. That made I have coding for myself (reference some code from vuforia forum)  and I succeeded. So, I want to share my code for help other people like me. Let’s begin !

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Unity – Create A Cannon Ball / Shooting with power and direction


This post will show you how to create a cannon ball or shooting object with a power and direction.

step 1: create a sphere with the size as you want.

step 2: add Rigidbody to the sphere.

– At here, if you want to add a Collider to sphere you may have to change a value of  “Collision Detection” in Rigidbody to “Continuous” or “Continuous Dynamic”, because if you stay the value of Collision Detection = Discrete, it will not happen when you add physics to it. It’s up to you! Tiếp tục đọc

Use Gif Image in Unity3d

alt text

Unity is not supporting gif. You can use sprite animation .

Use Unity 4 version or above

Goto main menu and select GameObject > Create Other > Sprite

Select the image to make animation .

Goto Inspector

  1. Texture type >Sprite
  2.  Sprite mode > mutliple
  3. Select Sprite Editor > Slice > Type >Grid
  4.  Pixel size ,adjust to suitable size , > Slice
  5. Goto Main menu > Window >Animation
  6.  Select the sprite object
  7. Select Animation window >Add Curve >Save
  8.  Select sprite image > add each slice in suitable Animation frame (0:0 ,0:10,0:20 etc)

for more details please check out : tutorial gives the idea about sprite and sprite animation.

Networking in Unity

Hi, this is not my own, I just want to share with other people and backup for me to easier re-study when i need. If you don’t like this post, you can go to here to read the main post !

In this article I will introduce the networking functionality included in Unity. I will build a simple authorative server solution, introduce the NetworkView component, and show you how RPCs can be used. The screenshots are from Unity 3.5, but the solution works for Unity 4.0 as well.

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